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Percentage Weightage Calculation
Percentage Weightage Calculation

This comes in Exam Mark sheet Configuration form. The form looks like,

  • In this form, Select the exam name from the list. If the exam is not in the list then click on "Configure Display Exam" button. When you click on this, the form will open which will look as,

  • Now select the exams for which you want to make configuration and click on "Save" button.

  • Click on the cell of class for which you want to configure the calculation of percentage weightage. Initially there will be a red cross sign which indicates that the configuration is remaining for that standard. When you click on this cell cumulative percentage weightage form for the selected class will open which is as follows:

  • Select section from the drop down list.

  • There are two types of calculation namely percentage calculation and weightage calculation.
    Percentage Calculation : This calculation is based on percentage.
    For e.g if you want to include 25% of marks of the exam. If the exam is of 50 marks. Then according to this percentage calculation, enter 25 in "Total percent to be included in final marksheet" column.
    Weightage Calculation : This calculation is based on weightage. If we take the above example then enter 12.25 marks in "Weightage" column.

  • Check the check boxes of the exams that you want to include in cumulative exam.

  • Click on "Save" button to save the entries.

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